We work to make technology a tool to increase business and maximize productivity by taking on the problems that companies face when running a small to med-sized network. In any business regardless of industry, IT related problems can bring an office to a complete standstill. Cabana aims to preemptively pinpoint problems and areas of improvement before an entire office is affected. By minimizing IT based problems across the backend server level all the way to the end-users workstation, we allow our clients' employees to perform to their full potential by utilizing today’s IT tools rather than struggling with them.

End-User Desktop Support

Basic day-to-day computer support ranging from software errors, hardware failures, support for mobile devices (PDAs and Smartphone’s) and installation/upgrades of hardware and software.


Network Infrastructure Support / Mission Critical Services

Maintaining network connectivity,
so end-users are able to access network resources. Ensuring services such as email, web and databases are up and running reliably.